English is worldwide language spoken by millions of people.This language is very helpful because if it was not of it there would be a problem when it comes to communication.Although English is very helpful sometimes i find it very confusing because it is not my first language so i sometimes find myself in situations that i cannot fully express myself i say this because there are words in my language that do not have English translations.I often find myself not being able to say what i really wanted to say.I sometimes struggle to understand  what the reading comprehension is about when i first read it.I have to go through it time and time again to really understand what is being said and suprisingly sometimes i do not even get to understand it no matter how many times i attempt and i end up writing what was not required.

English can never convey my message more clearer than my first language which is my mother tongue.In word power we deal with many words in every lecture others you would never even recall that they are actually english words they are so long and difficult to even pronounce.Some share the meaning with other 5 difficult words ofcourse!.But in conclusion English is a very interesting language to speak