RCIPS Celebrates Women Inventors

Nandie Makatesi 13 August, 2013 11:02 General Permalink Trackbacks (0)

RCIPS profiled 4 of UCT’s top Women Inventors in celebration of Womens Day and acknowledges the inventiveness of some 30 Women inventors who have contributed to the UCT IP Portfolio over the years.

The most prolific Women Inventor is Prof Margit Harting (Physics) who has been the co-inventor on a host of inventions relating to printed silicon electronics. Other inventors profiled included Prof Anna-Lise Williamson (IIDMM) for her inventions primarily in the areas of vaccines (e.g. HIV and HPV), Dr Catherine Kashula (Medical Biochemistry) for co-invention of anti-cancer drugs derived from a molecule found in garlic, ajoene as well as Dr Inga Hitzeroth for her inventions in Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. See more in the video clip.

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