This today in the Cape Crimes:

 "THE lawyer employed by the University of Cape Town to give it legal advice, Paul Ngobeni - found guilty of misconduct and barred from practising in three American states - says news of his difficulties emerged only after he leapt to the defence of embattled Cape Judge President John Hlophe.

It was a smear campaign by some whites, said Ngobeni."

Really?  Not just by people concerned that UCT may be employing someone whose professional reputation is besmirched? Oh, and it gets better:

"Ngobeni said he did not have to inform UCT of the charges and convictions before his appointment, as they were public knowledge and had been published on the internet. "

Riiiiight....  So as long as it is on the internet - somewhere - you are not under any obligation to inform your new employer that there may be some rather large problems looming up on the horizon?  And as for the statement that "...the matters before the US court "will be dismissed as frivolous and unfounded", you might take a look at this....

I will be reading further developments with great interest.