Devotees of this blog - yes, Transplant_Ed, I see you lurking there - will remember me diffidently proposing a solution to the Jammed ShuttleTM / pedestrian / traffic problem at the north end of University Avenue (shortly to be renamed OUTM Boulevard).

It was very simple: I proposed a traffic circle there, with a bus depot within the adjacent student parking area.

I did, in fact, receive feedback: an OUTM luminary emailed me to say that they believed something of that sort was in fact in the works.  So, I vowed not to squich students against the Jammed ShuttlesTM as they squeezed between traffic and buses; I gritted my teeth, and promised not to face down shuttles swinging wide around the bend leading up to the west (I have more steel on the front of my car than they do)...because things would all get better.  Wouldn't they??

They have not.  Lo, the OUTM machinery has laboured, and brought forth...a new bus shelter.  A slightly widened pull-off lane for the buses.  A marginally improved organisation of the curb around the offending bend.  No traffic circle.  No new bus depot.  Still the poor buses in blue have to swing left, swing hard right, and fight traffic to get back down the hill.  Still the students flock like lemmings across the road, heedless of the designated crossing, or of traffic, to catch imminently departing buses.

When they could have had a circle....  For that matter another traffic circle opposite the entrance to the Sports Centre parking lots would also be a good idea!

But on present experience, not one that will occur to OUTM.  Ah, well.  I shall do a Marty Feldman*, and start to stencil pedestrians and shuttles onto the side of my Kombi as I contact them, as I undoubtedly shall.


* Google him.  Made the Pythons look like a school variety show.