The retroidal father is basking in the warm, reflected glow of the retroidal son's achievement today. 

The loinal fruit has, with his partner,  made an animated interactive computer model of an adjustable electrical circuit, and then tested the effect of the use of this in Physics lessons in various classes at their high school.  And there is a measurable difference in achievement level for those exposed to the demo, compared to those who were not, when all were tested on the identical material.  All of this, for a Grade 11 science project!  I remember making a pin-hole camera....

So why isn't everything scientific or technical taught this way?  Speaking for myself - and, I suspect, many others -I find that visual material and especially animated and/or interactive material is SO much more informative than chalk-and-talk, or even OH projector and talk, that I wonder why anyone serious about education ever tolerates the old ways.

But then, I note that the wonderful offspring had, in order to be able to do this, learned (a) Linux, (b) the use of a sophisticated rendering package, (c) mastered an unbelievably complicated-looking animation package...and how many people out there can do all of this AND know enough about the subjects at hand, to be able to produce useful material?

 Precious few, I am sure.

 And therein lies the problem.  So viva! all of you who work to such ends, viva!  You should be paid far, far more than you are.