It's at times like this morning - when the N2 was stationary as far as the eye could see, and Durban Road was little better - that the Pinelands branch of the Retroid Kollektiv explores his CD library (given that he is not permitted to play things loudly at home, for fear of interfering with House, or Private Practice, or Army Wives).

And he should have known - but somehow forgot - just what a good blues band Fleetwood Mac were, back there in 1970 (yes, that's why the title).  As were Jethro Tull.  And Gravy Train.  Because it's the blues that calms the road rage as the taxis come roaring along past stalled traffic in the wrong lane; when morons run red lights to clog up Durban Road so traffic feeding in from Raapenburg can't get in with their green light - and when a Jammie shuttle pulls out in front of one again there by Condom Heights (aka Leo Marquard Hall), without signalling, and without due regard for bodywork. 

Ah, me...

Got them almost-southern suburbs blues, mama
Got them commuter rage blues
Got them suburbian blues, babe
Right down, to my shoes
Stuck here in slow-down mode, yeah
With them N2 rush-hour blues....