Here in the Greater Antipodes - for it is from Melbourne, Aus, that I presently blog (hi, Rob: great tour last night) - the Retroid Kollectiv (remember: >1 person in one body) is being pleasantly surprised by the sheer utility and user-friendliness of Gmail.

As opposed to the OUTM-mandated offering about which we have blogged in a rather negative sense previously....

Consider: as I sit in my hotel room here in cold, grey, but otherwise strangely pleasant Melbourne, I can open both a remote GroupUnwise session, and a Gmail account -which is largely, but increasingly less populated by mail autoforwarded from the former unmentionable client.  The differences are clear: attachments in GW mail are slow and unreliable to open, often taking several tries to get hold of; they can also not be forwarded with the message without downloading them first.  Which is SERIOUSLY stupid!  In Gmail none of this is true.  The GW mailbox keeps filling up, despite the fact I organised a 1 Gb account - and I can only archive messages on my office PC, as everywhere else is "remote".  With Gmail, I can have 7 Gb of (free!) storage - and my Outlook accounts allow simultaneously opening Gmail and Gwise accounts so as to move things between them, and to archive on the Web or on any computer I like - in designated folders.  None of which is true for GW.

I am also told by my hosts that Monash University here in Melbourne - which probably has twice the user base that UCT does - is in the process of migrating their entire email account to Gmail - which tells you something, doesn't it??

So, brothers and sisters:

Emancipate yourself from digital slavery
None but Google can free our mail...B-)

And I leave you with Melbourne's famous Chloe, in the pub opposite Flinder's St Station:


Chloe on her wall, Melbourne

- Retroid Antipodes