The View From the North Kollectiv notes with interest this missive from Union Central today:

"Dear AU Members,
We have just been informed that UCT Finance is predicting a R46 million surplus for 2010.
This comes against the background of the 2009/2010 negotiations, where it was clearly stated that UCT could not afford to meet the pay policy.
It is important to note that more than one third of that surplus (R16m) arises from staff churn, i.e. unfilled positions or delay in filling positions – which is directly related to our workload.
We believe it is untenable for the University management to claim that it cannot afford its pay policy whilst simultaneously extracting a R16 million surplus from staff alone.
We continue to negotiate with management and will keep you informed."

 No!!  Really??  OUTM negotiates in bad faith??  Never!!  The Korporate Arm of the University would never do that - would it??

Sadly, it appears as though they would - unless the folk doing the negotiating were kept in the dark by the folk handling the money.

Which, knowing this institution, is very possible: just the other day, our Retroid Komponent was amused to hear from a SoJS* colleague, that the Fees Office and the Admissions Office down in the BotB** apparently do not speak to one another.  Which means that parents of aspirant students have to inform the Admissions Office once they have paid the Fees Office....

But maybe they need to pay Max more: he is, by a newspaper account at least (Funday Crimes), the worst paid VC of universities worth noticing in SA.

But we are not concerned with the aspirant comprador bourgeoisie, comrades: la loota continua!  OUTM continues to exploit us!  Rise up, and strike!!  March!! 

Ummmmmmmmm....exams are finished, things are winding down...maybe in late January??

* = South of Jammie Steps

** = Belly of the Beast - aka Bremner.  Do try to keep up?