Should Gender really matter?

Posted by adam gambero | 2 Oct, 2008
In the past the social concept of gender was greatly influential in the day-to-day living the existed in those times.  Gender was a concept that controlled almost every aspect of human behaviour. It told people what there role as males or females were, it even went as far as to depict how each gender should dress, and how they should conduct themselves in particular situations.  

 If we look at the fast pace modern world of today with equality an freedom being much more important concepts, its clear that gender does not hold the same power and relevance as it did in the past. Just looking at one aspect in which gender as become less influential: people today have the ability and means to become any gender they wish, thus a male born with a male’s anatomy can with simple use of drugs and operations can undergo procedures which would change his anatomy to that of a female. This of course has become more normal with the advances in technology. It is also due to the fact that people are able to exert more agency now then what they could in the past. 

  When we compare these facts about the power that gender held in the past, to the very small amount of relevance it holds today; we see a pattern emerge: the more and more we choose to take control over our own lives, display more agency, the less our lives are controlled by the concept of gender and it’s attached connotations.

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  1. i agree with you on the fact that gender no longer holds the same power and relevence as it did in the past.this is because things have really changed now..certain things are no longer perceived as they used to be for instance a man is always stronger than a man therfore a woman should be a housewife while the man works all day long..innovations, legislations etc being introduced now highlight the fact that what a male can do a female can do vise surely gender is losing the power it held in the past compared to now

    Posted by anna mbuyane 02 Oct 2008, 17:16
  2. Although I agree that gender is less important than it was, I think many people still find it important in terms of their ideas and perceptions of themselves and others. It's may seem strange, but perhaps these perceptions are even more powerful than previous laws and discrimination. After all, the laws discriminating against women are no more, and yet sexism is still rife, showing the power of people's perceptions.

    Posted by Arnold Matzdorff 07 Oct 2008, 23:33