Shari Karodia | 18 October, 2008 18:20

It is said that music in the twentieth century is very shallow and materialistic, that is all about money and sex. Basically it is that it is all about living the “good life”, which is a song by a famous artist, T-Pane. But this is only one aspect of the music world, a large amount of hip hop is based on this concept, but there are still hip hop artist that conveys a so called ‘good message’. Artists such as Bone thugs and harmony or city high, talks about real life experiences that many can relate to. Hip hop is however not the only type of music that is popular in the twentieth century. There is many other different music genres that critics fails to notice. There is R&B, which are mainly slow songs with a message of love. There is also pop, which is often referred to as bubblegum music’, and then there is rock, house and many others. Rock is seen as angry music of people who are misunderstood, but in actual facts many can relate to the lyrics. Most people against music of today only see the surface and fail to see the deeper meaning. People should not therefore assume things before they actually understand it, people such as parents who stop their children from listening to certain types of music because they do not approve. There are rare cases that these same people will use against the music of today, saying the music is a bad influence. For example there is a young boy in Krugersdorp who murdered people and blamed it on the music he listened to. He claimed that the music told him to do it. There are thousand of people who listen to the same music, but do not end up killing people. Therefore music should not be blamed for individual acts, or be taken too seriously. Music is basically there as a feel good pass time, listening to music can be seen as a hobby. People should stop taking music so seriously.


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