How do you process life, in fact… what is life? Really, how do you know what life is and what is dream is? Lately they all seem the same to me (which is somewhat scary)! The most arbitrary things have been happening to me, be it good or bad, I do not know what to do about it! Oh and to make things worse my dreams are seemingly like real life. You know the whole theory of Déjà vu? Where you feel you have been there before or seen it  before, a repetition of some sort and then you  have a little itty-bitty complex about it because you think you are either psychic or going psycho. But the question now is… how do you deal with it? This “LIFE” thing. It really is unnecessarily complicated. You know when you just reach a block of some sort, and its in every single direction you intend to move in? And when you reach this block, you (well I do) just tend to block yourself out of the world, apparently its called “ME TIME” so you can sort out your issues and stuff out. Does that actually work or is it all a mindset where after you have spent this “ME TIME” you just think that you have sorted yourself out? Is it really? Or better yet is there an alternative way to process your life, like besides a psychologist (those people who are paid to listen and most of the time are of no assistance at all… I rate they make things worse)?

Just thought I would add a little extra to this blog. I am not an angry person in fact I’m a happy person, always have and always will be, I’m just being a little curious that is all. And I love all of you who do psychology!