Let's face it, UCT has crap food places. This is what we have:

  1. Souper sandwich's kitchen tent
  2. McHarry's airport-prices shop
  3. Chicken Burgerman's shop
  4. Chinese ppl's townshop
  5. Boerewors Man's shop
  6. Budget roll's tableshop
  7. African pot food quizeen shop
  8. Pandaland treeshop (see: wwf.org)
  9. Glass House

In this series of articles we will investigate each of these 'food' places and tell you how crap they are... or maybe if they not. Let's start with Souper Sandwich, why they have SOUP in their name... nobody knows.

Here's the bad stuff about Souper Sandwich:

  • They are way too expensive. R19 for a sub, seriously? Lets break-it-down:
    • Roll: R1 (probably cheaper in Parkwood)
    • Chicken: R4 (tastes like fish sometimes. already chewed.)
    • Sauce etc... free at MickyD's, so why do i gotta pay here?
  • The ship dont really taste that good.... next time really pay attention to what you eating, its dead meat with mayo, no flava unless you add Pepperdew, which is like R2 or something.
  • They always ask "anything to drink" and you usually buy even tho you didnt really want. This is the real dealio. Their drinks are SOUPER expensive... seriously. Here's some advice, buy your drinks from Chinese ppl's townshop, just next to SS. You'll save like R1 to R2 on everything.

The good stuff:

  • The chocolate brownies are good. But this is only coz they buy the premaid mixture from somehwhere and only bake it, so find out where they get this from and you've saved yourself 5 bucks.

Thats it for now. next time there'l be another review from some other crappy food place at uct.

-Captain Planet