Ever notice how there’s NOTHING good on TV anymore. Remember the good old days; when you actually wanted to watch TV.

Fortunately there are still a few good shows out there. You just have to know where to look.

I’ll start with the ever popular genre of medical dramas (the MD’s). Without a doubt ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is currently the best one on TV (in its fifth season). It has a good balance between medical science and soapie drama. And the soapie drama is not like the clichéd crap that you get in ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘90210’ where he likes her, she’s dating someone else, he had an affair, she’s pregnant, he’s got amnesia, they gave up their child for adoption… and more crap like that. The characters are well crafted, complex and interesting.

I give this show 3 thumbs up (out of a possible 4). Seriously it’s worth watching.

The other big medical show is House, also in its fifth season. The show went through a huge recast in season 4 but still seems to be going strong (despite the show’s off-handed reference to nearly ‘jumping the shark’). The medical mysteries that House solves are always fascinating, but to be honest I don’t care much for his new team. The latest episode features ‘Death Cat’ – a cat that can predict when people are going to die and House sets out to debunk this claim. As I watched, I realized that this cat was more interesting and engaging than Dr.s Taub, Kutner, and Thirteen. I found myself wishing that Thirteen would die, House would fire Taub and Kutner, and then hire the Death Cat. Or why can’t they bring back Cameron and Chase. Who didn’t like them?

Despite the shows poor castin choices, it makes redeems itself with interesting patients and far-fetched diagnoses. I give this show a gold star. It's still very captivating. Watch it and see for yourself.

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Captain Picard