Apparently Stellenbosch is soon to eradicate their DC++ (Direct Network plus plus). Why ever would they choose to do this? Well I guess the fact that the system, which was initially built into universities so that students, as well as lecturers could share information on various studies, no longer functions for its sole purpose may be the reason.  DC++ now functions as an illegal system where individuals download copied movies, songs and television programmes. The system directly violates copyright laws and defeats the movie, song and television industry’s goals for success by stealing as it were or diminishing any chances of profit. But is DC++ really bad though? Shouldn’t its creators be angry at those wishing to destroy it, or more importantly maybe the artists and directors involved in the downloaded material should also feel compelled to fight against the destruction of DC++. DC++ is much like one of the common four types of markets; that of free gift markets. This market is one which gives away its products for free simply for its own reputation. In this way it advertises its products as much as it can and thus gains a reputation over other markets. I feel that DC++ provides a setting for such a market, in which case DC++ is not so much diminishing profits but in fact increasing profits by maximising advertising and reputation. In conclusion there’s a reason why UCT and not Stellenbosch is the best university in Africa…UCT knows about how the markets of the world work…Stelles only knows how to throw around a rugby ball (they better than us tho I’ll give them that)!