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X marks the spot

Gillion Bosman | 16 May, 2008 13:15



South Africans are the most ungrateful citizens on the African continent. They have no respect for human life and human dignity. This is the feeling I get after I hear about the incidents that took place in Alexandra Township. This uncomfortable pause for thought that I get makes me ashamed to be South African.


A group of thugs swept through the once iconic township of Alexandra and attacked Zimbabweans, Malawians and Mozambicans. They killed three and left 60 injured. These African refugees were hit with sjamboks, they were stoned and whipped and for what reason. The problem of Xenophobia in South Africa has been with us for the while now. First the attacks on Somali traders in the Western Cape and now the Alexandra incidents.

The resentment that some South Africans feel towards African refugees is supposedly based on the fear that they will steal jobs and opportunity but what they have been doing is help grow the economy of the country. But the latter statement is only valid if we assume that the department of Home Affairs has given them legal refugee status. 


This violation of basic human rights are an ebarrasment to this ounrty and the things that we fought for.  


Re: X marks the spot

Fred | 16/05/2008, 13:41

Taken from another angle, our country's government is not equiped and able to accomadate these refugees in the first place. And quiet diplomacy? Is that a joke?


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