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"We will click for Zuma"

Gillion Bosman | 09 October, 2008 16:33

“We will kills for Zuma” This is a statement made by the African National Congress Youth League. This comes after the fallen youth league said they will “kill for zuma”. The first question that came to mind was how can we expect the youth chairperson to make statements.


The role of the ANC youth league is a clear one: They are there to represent the view and advocate for the rights of young people. This is not what they are doing and in this day and age they need to look at their role and what the need so young people are.  Young people are in dire poverty and they struggling.


Julius Malema and the leadership of the ANC youth league have just announced the new plan is to educate the youth about their leaders. They want to release a pen that clicks and slides out with information about Zuma. This idea is most probably one of their highlights as they are actually doing something for a change.  I am not supporting the idea and I am making it clear that it is stupid. But let’s allow them to dream as their intelligence is the only thing taking a knock. But we all know there is nothing there anyway


Re: "We will click for Zuma"

ptrrut002 | 10/10/2008, 13:19


Here here! Down with them 3rd graders!


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