Video Games Essay

David Brits 03 October, 2008 16:30 General Permalink Trackbacks (0)

Hi all,

There has been talk of posting our Video Games Essays on this blog so that we can read eachothers' work as opposed to doing a whole whack of research for the upcoming Discourse of Art 2 exam. Andrew has given us the go-ahead to do this. Here is how:

1. Log onto the UCT Student Blogs page with your username and password.

2. Select the Video Games and Art Blog on your profile and select "New Post".

3. Create a new post with a brief description of your essay eg: Narratology vs. Ludology debate, etc.

4. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT: Hit the "Blog this!" button in the bottom right hand corner. now.

5. Then once the title and brief description of your essay is up, add your essay as A COMMENT to your new post. It will be nice and neat and will prevent hours of scrolling down the blog for relevant posts/essays. Remember to make sure that you change the line spacing of your essay to SINGLE SPACING too.

 I will now go where no man has gone before and post my essay in the fashion described above. To infinity and beyond!

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