Crocs Are Taking Over The World…

Kariba Neath Wantenaar 17 September, 2008 19:42 General Permalink Trackbacks (0)

You know how you often think, man it would so NOT be a good idea if that (person, view, object) had more influence in the world…say Mugabe for example… Well has anyone noticed the growing phenomenon of croc-wearing people?


I don’t know how better to describe other than the facebook group I joined “I don’t care how comfortable they are…you look like a dumbass!”


Now I do realise, what with it being winter and all, that less people have been wearing them as of late, but I do feel it my duty – with the supposed re-emergence of summer…not that we’d be able to tell that a summer existed except maybe in some parallel universe – to share my thoughts on the absurdity that has the audacity to call itself a shoe, so not cool!


It looks like a bright rubber holey bucket … any minute I expect them to start snorting like a pig. Why not just go barefoot…can you imagine how embarrassed your feet my feel, they can’t bare to go out in public, the shame, the ridicule…hmmm rough times! No wonder you can wear them in the rain…they’re trying to drown themselves.


Okay, so now I should make the point about how this is all a big metaphor for something profound and philosophical…except it’s not…but that’s fine because I’m allowed to blog on my beliefs, no matter how trivial. You should just practise discernment in deciding what rubbish to read (see how I turned this around and made you look like the silly one…cunning)


But I fully support freedom of expression, so, if you do think a pair of crocs fully embodies all that is you…wear them to your heart’s content and don’t mind my harmless laughing from a distance.

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