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Pain is quite a humbling thing really.

 Not the pain you feel when someone hits you on the shoulder, nor the pain when you trip and fall.

 no no, I'm talking about pain when you break a bone that becomes exposed, crack a knee-cap, suffer a deep wound.

Pain that encompasses your mind and soul - the only thing that keeps you sane between adrenalin and morphine is will power. The longer you last - the stronger you are.  It is therefore my honest opinion that ambulances are not life saving devices in the mother city. No, they are tests of will power. Quite recently a student suffered an injury a kin to the pain described above. Some people rushed to his aid, CPS was on their way with their world class level 3 first aid training. 

I later herd that the ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive at UCT to assist the student and who knows how much longer it took them to get to the hospital and administer the pain killers.

Aside from the point that UCT should probably have an ambulance on campus, pain is the subject matter here.

Although my worst injury is a broken toe (not that painful), I have seen others injuries, I have seen the most arrogant of people who have suffered pain and come out of it for the best (personality wise). I suppose it makes sense though - said arrogant person breaks a bone, experiences real pain, realizes that their are more painful things in the world than having to admit that they're wrong.

So the cure to arrogance? Pain. But... I suppose if the person is arrogant enough the pain will feed their arrogance "I know what real pain is!" I can see arrogance saying. 

Well, depends on the person. 

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  1. George :

    23/07/2008, at 11:38 [ Reply ]

    Pain is the thing people do when they're having too much fun.

  2. DK :

    24/07/2008, at 21:12 [ Reply ]

    People do pain when they have too much fun?

    Pain occurs when:
    you're careless; when someone else is careless/an ass, when you are emotionally immature and in freak accidents...

    not from fun specifically.

  3. George :

    25/07/2008, at 00:04 [ Reply ]

    All a matter of perspective my furry friend.

  4. Varsity Kid :

    25/07/2008, at 09:41 [ Reply ]

    Well, you both can be right I guess. When you're having fun you're more prone to being careless.

    Play nice kids!

  5. DK :

    27/07/2008, at 01:22 [ Reply ]

    If people could really be 'both right' then wars wouldn't start. Don't be silly kid.

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