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. Globalisation has changed things for the better since the World War 2 however there are complications that comes with it. Metaphorically speaking the world is now converted into one small community. This is due to the influence of technology and its constant advancement. Such innovations have led to a number of interests such as economic, political, military and other developments. Globalisation is characterised by a world wide increase in interdependence whereby people from different parts of the world depend on each for resources. It is in this phase, if one country experiences a recession it is highly possibly that a great number of all other countries will be at disadvantage, more especially when that country produces most resources or greater percentage of the world resources.          Take USA for example, USA contributes around about 45-50% of the world’s commodities, evidently, when USA experienced a down fall in its economy after the second world war the world`s economy collapsed. In recent reports USA was facing a possible recession and few American Bank were liquidated, that has led to all countries proposing backup mechanisms or plans to prevent a total collapse of their economies. This is bad because once a dependent country experiences recession it leads to dramatic changes that could take years to control since not help will be available soon for recovery.         One of the benefits of globalisation is that it promotes interactivity and interconnectedness. The time it takes for one to connect to the other parts of the world is down less than 30 seconds. This encourages people to keep in touch interact actively. When all countries are dependent to each other it is likely that the will be a virtual instantaneous of information exchange which may lead to homogenisation of world cultures or to hybridisation and multiculturalism.  This makes every thing common world wide and somehow changes the ideas of culture and introduces new types of identities as new cultures and new situations are encountered. Follow link:

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