About Us

Who is the GCI?

We are a fresh, dynamic and action-based organisation of students and staff who aim to make UCT a sustainable and environmentally-friendly institution.

What do we do? – Our Projects

The GCI does all its work through these projects and more:

Green Week

The GCI’s biggest awareness drive of the year which spreads information to UCT staff and students about sustainability.


Aimed at improving the environmental awareness of res students, the Residence Project takes greening to living.

Enough With The Cups

UCT goes through 1000 paper coffee cups a day. They are not recyclable! We want to get students into the habit of bringing reusable mugs instead. Bring one and get a discount at many of UCT’s vendors.

Fossil Free UCT

We want UCT to stop invest in fossil fuels and instead direct their finances towards sustainable energy enterprises.

Bikelink aka Jammie Bikes

Providing easy and accessible transmission-free transport to students.


Getting UCT to travel lighter, drive smarter, and lift together. Check out to find carpooling buddies.

Green Police

These guys are the helping hands of the GCI, the soldiers of the environment, and a bunch of loud students having loads of fun!


UCT throws away SO MUCH, it would be silly for it to all go to a landfill. Recycling breaks the cycle! Check out our recycling video on YouTube.


Being earth-friendly is also a people-problem. Taking care of ourselves helps us take care of the fragile earth. Get in involved in our SHAWCO project or Project 90×2030.


Come join us at the Naked Bike Ride, Moonlight Mass, Earth Hour, River and Beachs Clean-ups, Tree plantings and more!

 Anyone can get involved with any of these projects – they all got started by students like you!

Do you have your own idea for a project? Just contact us.

How do I get in touch?

Most of what you’ll need to know about the GCI can be found on this blog. You can find the document with the contact details of all the committee members and project leaders here. You can also email us on

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