Getting Ready for Green Week 2012

Green Week 2012 GCI team pose with logo2012. An average movie, and, according to some interpretations of an ancient Maya calendar, Mother Earth’s final year.

With this in mind, UCT’s Green Campus Initiative (GCI) has decided to bring its annual Green Week – suitably themed Because the World Ends This Year – forward to the first semester.

The event, a collaboration between the GCI and UCT, will run from 16 to 20 April. The GCI’s Keketso Motjuwadi explains that 2012’s Green Week theme was born of a desire to highlight a very serious subject – the deteriorating condition of our planet – in a light-hearted way.

“If we keep going the way we are, then things could actually start changing to the point where one day the world could actually end because of environmental changes,” says Motjuwadi.

Adds GCI chairperson Kate Pallett: “A lot of events this year are about ‘greening’ lifestyle changes, and how students can get involved on an individual level.”

In addition to the traditional ‘greening’ of the official UCT website, Green Week will include a ‘vegelicious’ bake sale and a talk on green economies hosted with the UCT Black Management Forum, among other events.

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