Doctor of Philosophy, PhD

Doctor of Philosophy

  • Guy-Alain Lusilao-Zodi (co-supervisors: Gerhard de Jager & Keith Ferguson)
    Real-Time Data Flow Models and Congestion Management for Wireless and Wired IP Networks, UCT PhD Thesis, December 2011.
  • Tembalethu Jama Ndwe (co-supervisors: Etienne Barnard and Daniel J. Mashao)
    Usability engineering of interactive voice response (IVR) system in Oral Users of Southern Africa; UCT PhD Thesis, June 2011.
  • Mthulisi Velempini
    Improving the scalability of MAC protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks; UCT PhD Thesis, December 2010.
Master of Science in Engineering, MSc Eng
  • Nixon Thuo Nge’the
    An Adaptive Threshold Energy Detection Technique with Noise Variance Estimation for Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks,
    December 2015
  • Joshua Adeleke
    Single Queue Priority Scheduler for Video Transmission in IEEE 802.11 Networks,
    June 2015
  • Ojuetimi Ifedayo Akinsolu
    A Design of Variable Transmission Power Control for Wireless Ad-hoc Network, June 2015
  • Oluwadamilare Daniel Adeyemo
    Improving Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR) for Interference Mitigation in Multi-tier 4G Wireless Networks,
    June 2015
  • Lindelweyizizwe Siziwe Manqele
    An architecture for user preference-based IoT service selection in cloud computing using mobile devices for smart campus,
    December 2014
  • Bernard Nyakundi Isaacs
    Adaptive Radio Resource Management Schemes for the Downlink of the OFDMA-based Wireless Communication Systems,
    June 2014
  • Vusumuzi Moyo (joint supervisor: Olabisi E. Falowo)
    Improving Inter-service Bandwidth Fairness in Wireless Mesh Networks,
    June 2013 
  • Dulce-Maira Boneke Nokonoko (co-superviser: Antoine Bagula)
    An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Hybrid-RFID Sensor Network, MSc (Eng) Dissertation, December 2011
  • Smart Charles Lubobya (co-supervisors: Gerhard de Jager & Keith Ferguson)
    Fast Implementation of Integer Transforms in 4 x 4 H.264/AVC Video Encoders, MSc (Eng) Dissertation, December 2011
  • Naga Rohini Koduri (co-supervisors: Gerhard de Jager & Keith Ferguson)
    Fast Implementations of Block Motion Estimation Algorithms in Video Encoders, MSc (Eng) Dissertation, December 2011
  • Sabelo Velemseni Dlamini
    Optimisation of FMIPv6 using timely predictive link-layer triggers and the IEEE 802.21 MIH service, MSc (Eng) Dissertation, December 2010
  • Nakato Josephine Kakande (co-supervisors: Gerhard de Jager & Keith Ferguson)
    Real-Time Protocols for Internet Applications, MSc (Eng) Dissertation, December 2010
  • Veronica Sentongo (co-supervisors: Gerhard de Jager & Keith Ferguson)
    Comparative Analysis of Media Pipeline Plug-in Architectures, June 2010
  • Mzabalazo Lupupa
    Transmit Antenna Selection in Fading Mobile Communication Systems, December 2009
  • Oswald Jumira
    Comparison of DFT-OFDM and DWT-OFDM based transceivers for wireless communication, June 2009
  • Clifford Sibanda
    Mobile IP across Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (Media-Independent Handovers), December 2008
  • Nathaniel Oreolowe Fadiran
    Multi-user detectors for Turbo Coded STBC CDMA system, December 2008
  • Kamil H. Suleiman ( joint supervisor: H. Anthony Chan)
    Call Admission Control for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, June 2008
  • Oladayo Bello nee Salami ( joint supervisor: H. Anthony Chan)
    Multi-stage Queuing and Iterative Probabilistic Scheduling of IP Traffic for QoS Provisioning, June 2007
Master of Engineering – Telecommunications, MEng (Telecom)
  • Damiano Kamanga (co-supervisor: H. Anthony Chan) Performance-based Network Selection Scheme for Interworking UMTS and WLAN Networks (December 2009)
  • Rodgers Mbao (co-supervisor: H. Anthony Chan) Capacity Optimisation of MBMS Enabled 3G Mobile Systems Running HSDPA (December 2009)
  • Sikute Sankama (co-supervisor: H. Anthony Chan) Modelling Average end-to-end Delay, Per Node and Overall Network Throughputs in Random Access Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) (December 2009)
  • Mahsen Taher Abud (co-supervisor: H. Anthony Chan) Congestion Control Scheme Incorporating Service Differentiation for Wireless Sensor Networks (December 2009)
  • Victor Abiola Abe Adaptive Fair Scheduling for Quality of Service (QoS) in IEEE 802.16e /Mobile WiMAX Network (December 2008)
  • Masimba Chinhamu Performance Comparison of MC-CDMA and OFDMA Techniques for Next Generation Mobile Systems (December 2008)
  • Brilliant Habeenzu Exploiting Diversity and Spatial Multiplexing Gains in Wireless Communication Systems (December 2008)

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Bursaries: Ericsson Contact – Johan Bouwer

NRF Scholarships and Fellowships

Telkom SA Foundation

UCT Postgraduate Funding Office

Square Kilometre ArrayKarroo Array Telescope

SA Department of Science and Technology

Technology and Human Resources for Industry


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