MEng (Telecom)

Master of Engineering with a specialisation in Telecommunications

Each course on the programme will typically contain a lecture component of 5 full week days, followed by weekly online seminars or assigned tasks and a written examination, over a five-week period after the intensive week-long lecture session. The programme is designed to support students that cannot be resident in Cape Town for the full duration to complete all courses, by using distance learning techniques during the follow up period after the one week intensive lecture period.

All students will, however, have to be present in Cape Town for the one week lecture period for each course. Elements of continuous assessment (problem sets, short projects) and a written examination are utilised to assess the course. The MEng
(Telecom) provides the strongest theoretical grounding for either PhD studies or higher level responsibilities in industry. It is best suited for anyone that needs thorough theoretical and practical grounding in telecommunications engineering.

We offer all required courses along with three electives per year in addition to the opportunity to work on a minor dissertation. All the courses are also available for Continuing Professional Development credit.












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