Bismillah, the MSA is the hub of activity at varsity for the Muslim community. It serves to provide support to the Muslim students and a link to the university. On the advice from Moulana Zakariyah Harneker, a group of postgrad students came together to discuss ways to build bridges within the Muslim community at UCT and facilitate support from MSA alumni and Muslim staff to help and assist the MSA and the MSA committee in particular. Hence, the Postgrad branch of the MSA was started in December 2017. This vision has been developed with Moulana Zakariyah and other alumni as well as Muslim staff, namely Dr Andria Brigalia (Head of the Centre for Contemporary Islam at UCT) and Prof Yasin Dutton (Professor of Arabic in School of Languages and Literature at UCT).

Current members of the MSA Postgrad Committee

Adli Peck

Bilqis Deaney

Rageema Joseph

Ighsaan Allie

Kathija Shaik

Thameenah Abrahams

Yameen Motala

Adeebah Rakiep


Our vision is based on integration and cooperation to develop
the Muslim community and be a benefit to the general society. Furthermore, achieving this by facilitating that all members of the Muslim community are included and catered for to develop each other’s skills and talents.


1. Facilitate programmes and events that postgrad and undergraduates can benefit from.
2. Develop a resource base in which postgraduates and alumni can assist the MSA and students through advice, resources, and knowledge sharing.

Flagship Event

The First Muslim Research Expo

Muslim students and research staff have an impact on society in terms of the work and research that they do. Islamic discoveries happen today at our own university, not only in the Golden Age of Islam. The flagship event aimed to showcase the work and research that the members of the Cape Town Muslim community have done at a “UCT MSA Research Expo”.  This gave an opportunity for the Muslim community to interact with each other in a constructive way across all the departments. Industry representatives, madrassas, family and friends, were also part of this event to see the impact Muslims have at a varsity level and in society.


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