About us

Our team is responsible for and involved in a number of areas as part of ICTS Technical Support Services. We provide these services to staff, students, third parties and even alumni. This include:

  • Identity Management & Federation: Identity provisioning, Single Sign on Systems (CAS & ADFS), SAFIRE (South African Identity Federation)
  • Directory Services: Active Directory and E-Directory
  • Enterprise Databases: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, DB2, MaxDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • Virtualisation & Cloud Platforms: VMware, Hyper-V and Openstack
  • Email and Calendaring: Office 365, Exchange, Mailing Lists & Exim Gateways
  • SAP: Basis Admin for SAP ERP as well as Business Objects
  • Peoplesoft Platforms: Campus Solutions Sysadmin
  • ICTS Facilities management: Datacentre management
  • Enterprise Storage: Netapp SAN Cluster & E-Research storage, File Servers, Backup & Data protection
  • Third party applications: Managing or supporting a variety of applications such as SharePoint, Terminal Services, Google Apps, ┬áMS CRM, Imagenow etc.
  • Security: Centralised Log Management, Vulnerability management

To meet the members of the team, visit this page

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