Dying with Dignity!

some thoughts after a good mediattion today…
Dying with Dignity.
We all know that Death is Certain and Birth is a ‘may be’ and as highly developed species we still have not understood the fundamental truth! We celebrate Birth and go into profound mourning after the Death of a loved one. A Very Good Senior Gyn used to always say “In my 45 + years of practise , I am yet to come across a smiling new born and a crying dead body” . When a child is born, while the child cries, everyone around it jumps claps and celebrates. When a person dies, while the dead has unopposed calm, people around cry and mourn – sometimes for days…i guess the new born and the deceased both know the Universal Truth!…The new born cries worrying ” Oh NO I am back here where everyday is a struggle” and the dying soul is calm knowing “I am going back to my Real Home” … CELEBRATE LIVING EVERYDAY, NOT JUST BIRTH and when time has come CELEBRATE THE END!

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