New Place! Newer Atmosphere !

Medicine is an art and a science says Harrisson’s Textbook of Medicine.1 This definitely applies  in Palliative Care than as does it in all other branches of Medicine.

While the science of medicine helps physicians understand the disease more and apply newer technology to manage a ‘case’ , the Art of medicine is only got by more experience, intuition and judgement.1

When I received my offer to work in  the Middle East, I was certainly aware , thanks to my more experienced colleagues, about the lack of pain med availability especially the opioid but there was a bigger challenge awaiting me.

Palliative care is an art when comes to application and a proven science.I realise everyday and learn by applying the principles , no matter how different we humans are in the outer world, we are same internally.

The strong bonding among the families in the Middle East where each member of the family feels responsible for his/her loved one is both a strength and a weakness for the primary care giver. Strength because there are many to help be a part of the Team and a weakness because well – THERE ARE MANY TO BE A PART OF THE TEAM!

I learn everyday from every patient and the family member.


1. The Practise of Medicine. Kasper, D. L., Fauci, A. S., Hauser, S. L., Longo, D. L. 1., Jameson, J. L., & Loscalzo, J. (2015). Harrison’s principles of internal medicine (19th edition.). New York: McGraw Hill Education. 1-2.

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