Kaposi’s Sarcoma


Miss T.N is a 46 year old female attended in our palliative care clinic on 6 March 2015. She is a case of Kaposis Sarcoma on the left leg. She resides in Thabala village in Moitoi ward. She is on HAART and received 6cycles of chemotherapy.

The patient was not accompanied by anyone during the clinic. The team members available were the oncologist, 2 oncology nurses, 2 community home based care nurses, the dietician and the physiotherapist.

The father of the patient is alive; she has 2 daughters, a son, 6 sisters and 2 brothers. She lives with her father and her children.

During physical assessment swelling of the left leg was noted and she complained of epigastric pains. The swelling was reported to be improving with chemotherapy so chemotherapy will be continued and physiotherapy will assist for walking and also for pain. Magnesium triscilicate was given for epigastric pains.

On social needs shortage of food was identified and the dietician was given the task to discuss with the social worker so that the patient can be assisted with a food basket. No problem was identified on the psychological and the spiritual needs.


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