Metastatic Disease


He is a 83 years old with liver and lung lesions,?liver cancer. This case was discussed in the palliative care clinic on 10 April 2015. He stays in Maitengwe village next to wholesale. He uses Maitengwe clinic when he is home.

He is on pain killers and lactulose, no surgical history or radiation.

The older son, the wife, daughter, 2 of his brothers and her daughter in law were there during the palliative care clinic. Members of the palliative care team who were available are the oncologist, the social worker, 2 oncology nurses, the community home based care doctor, and the dietician.

The patients physical wellness has been deteriorating from 2010 to now on which it was rated 30% in 2015. His psychological and social wellness are fair and the spiritual wellness is good.

Mr. O.W.N is married and has 3 sons and 2 daughters. He also has 2 brothers. Both of his parents are deceased. He stays with his wife, his daughter, son and his daughter in law in Serowe village.

Problems identified during the physical needs assessment were difficulty in swallowing, pain and vomitors’ with blood stains. The oncologist and the oncology nurses will assess the cause of the difficulty in swallowing and order pain killers for him (Morphine tablet). The dietician will also advice on the type of food to be taken.

The relatives were saddened by the fact that the patient is on end of life care. The social worker counseled the relatives and booked for an appointment to meet the relatives again for another counseling session.

The relatives were advised that for any spiritual need they can always contact the pastor who is on the palliative care team.

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