He is a 6o years old diagnosed of NHL, resides in Palapye extension 8 next to extension 3 clinic. He was attended in the clinic on 24 April 2015.

He received 1 cycle of chemotherapy. He is a known Congestive cardiac Failure on treatment. He has no history of surgery or radiation.

During the clinic the patient was accompanied by her sister. The oncologist, 2 oncology nurses, the social worker, community home based care nurse, the dietician and the pastor attended the palliative clinic.

He has 2 sons, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. He lives alone in a farm.

His physical wellness has been decreasing from 2012 until 2015. In 2013 his was mistreated by his employer and his psychological wellness dropped to about 20% due to a lot of stress but it then improved to about 50% with counseling from relatives. The social and the spiritual wellness are fair.

The patient complained of abdominal bloating, loss of appetite and lymphadenopathy which improves with chemotherapy. The oncologist ordered ultrasound scan, lactulose and ranitidine. He explained that chemotherapy will be deferred because of the cardiac problems.

The psychological problem the patient mentioned was stress due to the illness and that not much will be done for him especially chemotherapy. It was explained what palliation involves and that he will be helped as much as possible and the social worker arranged for a counseling session with the patient and the relative after the clinic. Poor relationship with his children was also identified and the social worker to also follow up on it.

The patient and the relative will contact the employer so that the workload can be reduced due to the patient’s condition. He was also advised to stop smoking and taking alcohol.

No spiritual problems identified.

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