What is Responsa Meridiana?

Responsa Meridiana is the annual law journal published through the collaborative efforts of the law students of the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch since 1964.

The journal welcomes submissions by all law students from both Universities, as well as the University of Western Cape. Responsa Meridiana aims to provide undergraduate law students with an opportunity to use their skills in academic research and writing with a tangible result in the form of a peer reviewed journal. The fact that only student articles are published in no way taints the standard of the journal. Two editorial committees, sitting at both Universities and assisted by their respective faculty advisors, painstakingly select and edit the articles to be published.

From the first edition, Responsa Meridiana has established itself as a journal of exceptional standard, and has proven to be a valuable research tool, with articles being referenced in several court decisions over the years.

The primary objective of the journal is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to publish legal articles, providing them with an international readership without the stringent submission requirements set by contemporary publications. Responsa Meridiana prides itself as being a journal of exceptional standard, with articles even being used in court decisions. Subscribers to the journal include judges, advocates, attorneys, academics and students. The journal is housed in many of the world’s major universities.

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