• Africa Month
    UCT Libraries always celebrates Africa Month in one way or another. This year we had intended to launch a new website for the ǂKhomani San | Hugh Brody Collection. And then the fire. So we’ve had to put our work on that project on hold. Usually, the ǂKhomani San material […]
  • Sea Cadets
    One of the groups of volunteers that came to help with the Jagger Salvage operations, was a group of ten Sea Cadets from TS Woltemade, under the command of Ens Ruben Pillay. They helped with packing material, were part of the human chain to get the crates of material out […]
  • Call for Volunteers
    To volunteer, head on over to our Jagger Recovery page and sign up for a shift. You can also share your memories, send us your message of support, offer skills or material, or make a financial donation. It became clear, very quickly, that we would not be able to salvage […]
  • Mourning Session Report
    On 23 April 2021, a report by Clive Kirkwood (Archivist) was read at the Centre for Curating the Archive Session Mourning the Loss of the African Studies Library and Archive. Due to recovery attempts, the Special Collections staff were unable to attend the session in person. The report is reproduced […]
  • A window of opportunity
    We obtained an unexpected very small window of access on the evening of 22 April, to remove materials from the Jagger site that survived the fire. They were under the new threat of water damage. A call went out for volunteers to come and salvage collections out of the Jagger […]