• Crate by Crate: Making Progress Visible in AV Recovery
    Andrea Walker is an archivist in Special Collections, working with the AV Archive. The AV Archive (AVA) used to live in the basement of the Jagger Library. It was one of the first areas to be salvaged following the fire. As the water used to douse the flames accumulated in […]
  • Whose copyright is that? Perpetual copyright and indigenous languages in archives
    Andrea Walker is an archivist in Special Collections, working with the AV Archive. Copyright is a form of intellectual property. It is intended to incentivise the publication of works* by providing the creator with a monopoly over the economic rewards generated by the work, for a limited time. A work […]
  • Tape: A paper conservators’ worst nightmare
    by Daniéle Knoetze and Nancy Child Treatment After the documentation is done a treatment proposal is written. This proposal helps gather your thoughts about how to approach the challenges that each object present. It is important to recognize and address the specific challenges and choose the most appropriate treatment for […]
  • The Art of Paper Handling: Understanding the Skill of moving Paper Objects
    by Daniéle Knoetze and Nancy Child Within an archive, library or museum, handling is a major consideration. Poor handling is a cause of damage and as such professional handling is almost an artform in itself in these institutions. The ever present ‘don’t touch’ signs are there because of the inherent […]
  • Archivist among librarians: Looking back with appreciation on my retirement
    by Clive Kirkwood, Archivist, Special Collections My decade as an archivist in Special Collections was book-ended by the beautiful restoration of the iconic Jagger Library reading room as the department’s home and its destruction by fire followed by relocation and the ongoing recovery process. Read The Fire Disaster in the […]