Jagger Library Recovery

  • Exploring architectural archives in recovery
    Compiled by Michal Singer with contributions from Isaac Ntabankulu (UCT Libraries) and Theophile de Bonnaventure (Memorist South Africa) For decades, large and unwieldy drawings and plans have made physical – and digital – access elusive and risk damage to the materials. In 1993, Jill Gribble, former archivist in the Manuscripts and Archives Department, recounted that […]
  • Digitising the AV Archive
    The fire was a devastating tragedy that resulted in a massive loss of unique local material. The Audiovisual Archive (AVA) used to live in the basement, so it escaped the flames. I was concerned about water damage, but for some reason it hadn’t occurred to me that most buildings aim to be watertight. Once staff […]
  • Recovery and Capacity Building in Special Collections
    by Michal Singer, Principal Archivist, Special Collections Recovery is a slow process. It requires patience; underpinned by a careful and methodical process of intake of all salvaged materials at our new recovery premises in Mowbray. It involves planning for the future – in an environment where everything needs to be considered, from the ground up: […]
  • One Book’s Conservation Journey
    by Lara Kemp Reusch, senior book conservator at DK Conservators, tasked with restoring the surviving Rare Books Collection of the University of Cape Town Libraries’ Special Collections salvaged after the Jagger fire in April 2021. I had gotten used to being met with blank stares when I told people I worked in book conservation. So […]
  • Memories of the Archives Triggered by the Jagger Fire: 1975 to 1995
    by Leonie Twentyman Jones Leonie Twentyman Jones was the Head of Manuscripts & Archives (MSS) Department in the University of Cape Town Libraries between 1975 and 1995. Her account provides insight into the experiences of an archivist in collecting and providing access in the troubled context of the times. She formed part of the larger […]