Jagger Library Recovery

  • One Book’s Conservation Journey
    by Lara Kemp Reusch, senior book conservator at DK Conservators, tasked with restoring the surviving Rare Books Collection of the University of Cape Town Libraries’ Special Collections salvaged after the Jagger fire in April 2021. I had gotten used to being met with blank stares when I told people I worked in book conservation. So […]
  • Memories of the Archives Triggered by the Jagger Fire: 1975 to 1995
    by Leonie Twentyman Jones Leonie Twentyman Jones was the Head of Manuscripts & Archives (MSS) Department in the University of Cape Town Libraries between 1975 and 1995. Her account provides insight into the experiences of an archivist in collecting and providing access in the troubled context of the times. She formed part of the larger […]
  • Recovering the Archive
    by Michal Singer, Principal Archivist for Primary Collections (Archives) in Special Collections, UCT Libraries First Responders “Good news. The basements are intact. Can you come on site now to show the technical team around?” I leapt into my car and made the longest drive to work. This was how the Salvage started for me, on […]
  • After the Salvage
    by Mandy Noble, Principal Librarian for Published Collections, Special Collections, UCT Libraries Listen to Mandy Noble in conversation with Nancy Richards about the Jagger Fire and the Salvage on the bookspeoplestories podcast. Much has been written by colleagues and journalists, in very moving pieces, of the momentous salvage project following the Table Mountain fire of […]
  • Jagger : the remains of the day
    My name is Alex D’Angelo, and I have been a librarian at UCT for more than a quarter of a century. I remember when the Jagger reading room was stripped of its tatty 1970s additions, and institutional green carpet, and worn-out tubular-steel chairs, and put back to the way it had been when it was […]