2017 Calendar

January 1New Year Day
January 2Public Holiday
January 5Parent/Teacher Conference
January 30Tentative Postgraduate Registration
February 6-10EEE5135Z-M.Dlodlo Information Theory & Error Control Coding
February 13-17EEE5136Z-A.Murgu Statistical Signal Theory
March 6-10EEE5138Z-N.Ventura Broadband Communication Networks
March 21Human Rights Day
April 3-7EEE5108Z-P.Uys Advanced Engineering Mathematics
April 14Good Friday
April 15Holy Saturday
April 16 East Sunday
April 17 Family Day
April 21EEE5139Z O. Falowo
April 24-28EEE5139Z O. Falowo Wireless Data Network Convergence
April 27Freedom
May 1Worker's Day
May 19EEE5108Z (Maths) Final Exam
May 29 - June 2EEE5137Z A. Baghai Wadji Optical Communication Systems
June 16Youth Day
June 18Father's Day
July 3EEE5136Z Final Exam
July 4EEE5139Z Final Exam
July 5EEE5138Z Final Exam
July 6EEE5137Z Final Exam
July 7EEE5135Z Final Exam
July 10 - 14 EEE5140Z S. Winberg Software-Defined Radio
July 18Nelson Mandela Day Observed
August 9National Women's Day
August 21EEE5140Z Final Exam
September 24Heritage Day
December 16 Day of Reconciliation
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26Day of Good will
December 31New Year's Eve

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