Breast Cancer Screening using Mammography

Breast Cancer Screening with Mammography in Women Aged 40-49 Years is Still Controversial

By Ramadhani Chambuso

The incidence and mortality rates from breast cancer are expected to rise as a result of the ageing population. To reduce the burden of this disease, many countries have implemented mammography screening for early detection and treatment of breast cancer for all women aged from 50 years for every 2 years. However, there is a debate about whether breast cancer screening should be extended to younger women (i.e., 40–49 years). Generally, for effective cancer screening programme, the benefits should outweigh the harms. Some negative effects of breast cancer screening include radiation exposure from mammography, pain during the mammography procedure, consequences of false positive and false negative tests, and the occurrence of over-diagnosis. Therefore, based on the current evidence from randomised trials, extending mammography screening to younger age groups cannot be recommended.

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More information can be accessed from Mammography and Breast Cancer Screening.

Source link: van den Ende et al. (2017)

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